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Personals ads and in particular Internet personals ads are becoming the wave of the future in dating. More and more people are meeting online and through personals ads and these services are becoming a booming business. Gone are the singles ads of yesterday with phrases such as SWF seeks SWM. Today's personals ads are witty, informative and hopefully effective.






If you're over 30 and trying to date you know that it can be a difficult and daunting task. In today's society though, with the oncome of the Internet, dating over 30 has become easier. Many over 30 singles tend to be cautious of their dating ventures. Time is getting on and you don't want to waste another ten years on another failed relationship. You would think that dating as you get older would get easier because you are more stable and self aware. But on the contrary it actually gets increasingly frustrating.


Today, there are many places online where over 30 singles can get together. The Internet allows for us to let our inhabitions free as we are able to meet hundres of people before we even have the opportunity to see them. We can get to know then, share our secrets, and when we decide that we like them... We can meet up... Or if we decide we don't want to meet them, we can always tell them "bye" with out the embarrasment.


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